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Our Email (unsolicited) Comments & Reviews

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Our customer comments about our product are critical to our success. Without their input we would not have been able to grow our business and offer the expertise that we now have acquired relevant to the high karat gold jewelry industry in Thailand. 

I hope that the following testimonials from our customers will convey the spirit in which we do business. Many customers have purchased from us multiple times through the past 17 years. 

We recently began adding photos along with the customer comments to show the actual item ordered. If you would like to contact one of our customers regarding their experience with us please contact me first so we can obtain their permission to release their contact info to you. It works out best this way.

Thank you,

Tom and Pat Pryor


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Home/Chains/Bracelets/Earrings/Buddha Amulets/Pearls/Gold Bars


Our Email (unsolicited) Comments & Reviews

(No revisions are made to written text)

Barrel link & Bar link Combo

                    25", 6 Baht (90.96 grams) highly polished Bar link chain. Link Diameter: 4 mm

                    24", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) highly polished barrel link chain. Link diameter: 3.6 mm


September 15, 2017


I got my the necklaces and I have to say I was stunned by the beautiful craftsmanship of them. I am so happy! They were well worth the wait. I really appreciate your time and work making my order correct. I have to say in the beginning I was scared to send that much money to another country without having anything to show for it. But now it's truly amazing. You and your wife really out did yourselves. I now have friends I can trust in the future. Thank you two so much for making this a pleasant transaction. FIVE STAR SERVICE!! Again thank the both of you for your time on these!



                    16 1/4", 2 Baht (30.32 grams) X Diamond Cut Bar link chain. Link Diameter: 3.5 mm


September 16, 2017


     The neck chain arrived yesterday and it is even more beautiful than I imagined!  The quality of the gold and workmanship is astounding.  I am sure my wife will love it when I give it to her at Christmas.  




                    2 Baht (30.32 grams) highly polished  Bar link chain. 33" length. Link Diameter: 2.2 mm


September 19, 2017


Years ago, I was stationed in Thailand with the Air Force.
At that time I purchased a one baht gold chain, which I have regretted selling.
After looking at several different vendors, I selected Tom to provide me with information regarding the purchase of a new two Baht chain and Amulet. And purchase, I did.
Tom is very informative, having several videos on U-Tube. Communication was easy, as he is an Expat American.
Both items, the Amulet and necklace are beautiful. Thai gold stands above any on Earth regarding beauty and quality.
Tom is a pleasure to do business with. He is knowledgeable, communicates well and earns my trust.
I look forward to the purchase of another chain very soon!

Tom H



                    16", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) XX Diamond Cut Bar link chain. 16" length. Link Diameter: 4.0 mm


August 24, 2017


Hi Tom,
I did pick it up, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!  I LOVE it!  It is so skillfully made.  The box is lovely also.


Savannah W.



                                   23", 6 Baht (90.96 grams), Aviator Style Bar link chain, 4.5 mm link diameter


July 12, 2017


Thank you Thomas for the 6 Baht, 23 inch aviator chain. I love it. You can't find gold in this purity, color, design here in the U.S.. I've always wanted a nice unique gold chain in pure gold and you delivered. Smooth transaction, great contact throughout the process. I don't know why anyone would settle for used jewelry when you can order what you want the way you want it.  I'm so glad I found God bless you and your family.

William Wheat, Santa Fe, NM.


                                                   Solid 18k gold Special Forces Pendant, 1" height, 2.8 grams


June 10, 2017


Thank you for your effort.

Venus Jewelry would send a Limo to the airport and pick us up when we hit country.

Close the shop and have a private showing/party.

Best years of my life 89-95 in and out of the region and Oki.

Still travel the region, just not as often and not as much fun, miss the adrenaline rush.


South America has become my new regular stomping grounds

But, does not compare to the peninsula, Thailand and Malaysia.

Again, thank you, 

Nick Ness


This beautiful pair of Baht gold chains is accented by a 1" US Army Special Forces pendant. Customer attempted to show the scale of the pendant with this photo. 



                                                   Solid 23k gold, 1 Baht Barrel link chain. 18" length


June 10, 2017



“Thank you for a great buying experience, service was professional and prompt.

You guys were able to provide exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond.

Much appreciated, I will be contacting you again in the future”

Nick Ness




                                                   Solid 23k gold, 2 Baht heavy braided rope chain. 24" length


June 17, 2017

Got the necklace today - all good - thank you! 


Ric - Dutch Harbor, Alaska



                                8", 3 Baht (45.88 grams), Aviator Style Bar link bracelet, Link Diameter: 5 mm


May 17, 2017


Hey Thomas ,
I wanted to show you a pic of the necklace and bracelet together. I am actually typing with one hand on my phone and my macaw on the other hand. He doesn't like when I talk on phone due to not showing him any attention haha. I always have my chain tucked in when iam with him, but the bracelet is a different story haha. When he first saw it his eyes were locked on it but he knows better. 
Btw his name is tookie and he's 2 years old. He's my baby boy. Anyways talk to you soon take care ..



                                                   30", 10 Baht, Aviator Style Bar link chain, Link Diameter: 5 mm


February 25, 2017


I took my time before making a decision about taking two inches off. I am just gonna leave it the way it is since it doesn't make such a big difference. I went to the jeweler and he himself said to leave it the way it is haha. He was shocked when he saw the chain. It's a beauty of a piece . It was great doing business with you Tom and looking forward for more purchases with you . Be well 




                                                                                              2 gram "M" Clasp


January 30, 2017

Dear Thomas,


Yes, the clasp arrived and I am once again wearing my 3 baht bracelet. I didn't like not wearing it. 
 I have worn it since 1995. 
Thanks again for your excellent service.  I wish you all the best in this new year. 
Take care,
Donald A.



                                   18", 1 Baht (15.16 grams) "Hoc Sow" braided rope chain. Diameter is 2 mm


January 08, 2017

Dear Tom,


Received the chain late this afternoon. I am very happy with it, but Sandy is most thrilled. It's a very pretty chain, and I am grateful to you.
As far as trading up, I'll keep it in mind - it is  doubtful that Sandy would give it up. 
Your happy customer,
Larry W.


                25", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) Short Barrel-link chain. Link diameter is 3.6 mm


December 24, 2016

I received the package today at 230pm . It was exactly as we discussed. Your craftsmen are amazing and the detail was of a very high quality. It will look lovely on my wife and I thank you for your efforts on my behalf. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Robert S.


                                         20", 1 Baht Bar-link "Aviator" style chain. Link diameter is 2.1 mm


January 06, 2017

Hello Tom,
I just wanted to follow up and tell you thank you so very much for the wonderful Baht chain necklace.
You are truly doing great craftsmanship with your jewelry and so much nicer than a standard mass produced product, it is hard to to find this quality anymore. It is also difficult to find the unique Thai Baht type chain that you have (as well as some of the other styles on your site). In addition your approach and all your help and support in making the purchase and following up was fantastic. Amazingly nice to find unique quality and service like yours, thank you.
The necklace also has great sentimental value to me as I think of it as a connection to my father, who was an Air America pilot in Vietnam and Thailand in the late 60's and early 70's. I was actually born in Saigon in 1967 and my brother in Bangkok in 1971. I have fond feelings for SE Asia and the necklace is a way to continue my connection to my father who has passed away and the place of my origin that I hope to return to visit some day. 
I am wanting to get some items for my wife and children as well so I look forward to talking more with you in the future.
Thank you again for everything and sending best wishes for you all to have a fantastic new year!



                    24", 2 Baht add 1/4" with clasp. Bar-link "Aviator" style chain. Link diameter is 2.6 mm


Nov 18, 2016


I got the chain and amulet yesterday. I could not be more pleased. Question: can you also make the aviator chain in an "endless" design? I really like the clasp, but at some point in the future may order another. The endless would be stronger and more secure for outdoor activity.  Thank you very much!
Semper Fi,



20", 3 Baht add 1/4" with clasp. Anchor link chain. Link diameter is 3.5 mm

From: Leo Brunner,  October 6, 2016



Dear Tom, 


Ordering on the internet is a way of life for contractors overseas so I am not to shy about making purchases but it also is way to easy to get taken to the cleaners so I was a little hesitant about ordering a new chain to replace the one stolen from around my neck (aviator link) in the Philippines two years ago (I knew better but took the risk and lost a treasure for my foolishness).  


Recently this was my second or third look via the internet for Baht chains. I was actually looking at a competitor’s site and decided up to look at what other sites have to offer: So happy I landed on 


I appreciate your patience and addressing my concerns by responding to all my questions. I was somewhat nervous about shelling out a lot of coin to a foreign country. Reviewing customer feedback all said great things so I decided go with the 20” anchor link chain. It only took about a week to craft and I had it in my hands about 8 days later. 


I really appreciate you breaking new ground and working with me on the shipping peculiarities. My address is an APO address and you were hesitant to work through a mail forwarding firm like www, 


The process was a smooth transaction and I am thoroughly happy with the quality of service, craftsmanship of the piece, and delivery. I would recommend your site to anyone looking to purchase high quality almost pure gold jewelry.  


Fair Winds and Following Seas, 


Leo Brunner 

ITC(SW/AW), USN (Ret.) 



20", 1 Baht, double x diamond-cut bar-link chain. Link diameter is 2.4 mm


From: Gary Robbins , September 04, 2016

Hi Tom, thanks for your dialogue and professional overseeing of the delivery.

Enjoy your weekend.

Best Regards



10 BahtThai Bar link 23k gold chain

24", 10 Baht, Diamond-cut Bar-link chain. Link diameter is 5.2 mm


From: Todd E., February 28, 2016

Hello Tom. 

My chain is great. Thank you for getting it to me in such a short time. Thanks for the invite and I'll be seeing you sometime in the future. I attached a picture of me wearing the chain and bracelet you made for me along with my cat Lance lol.

Your Friend, 

Todd E.






Sent: December 14, 2015

To: Thomas Pryor {



Necklace just  arrived. It's lovely. My wife will cherish it. From it will hang her favorite cross and her pendant representing our sons' West Point graduation years. Thank you for a very pleasurable buying experience and a beautifully crafted item.

I look forward to our next purchase from you. Merry Christmas!


17" Short Barrel-link, 1 Baht chain




From: N Wimmers

Sent: 17 October 2015

To: Thomas Pryor (

"The bracelet seems to be well constructed and comfortable on my wrist. I was naturally a little hesitant about purchasing an expensive item like this online, but I am glad I did so nevertheless. I received good communication throughout the process and even spoke to Tom over the phone. He seems honest, friendly and enthusiastic with his customers. I am glad I dealt with him and enjoy my purchase.



Length: 8 1/8"

Weight: 152 grams (.4 grams over)

Link size: 9.2 mm

10 Baht Barrel-Link "96.5%" Gold


Price: $8000.00


10 Baht! 8" Barrel Link Bracelet. Links are 9.2 mm Diameter



From: Cheryl Bauer

Sent: 05 June 2015

To: Thomas Pryor (

Hi Tom,

The pendant has arrived and I am totally and completely satisfied - with everything! 
It is perfectly gorgeous in person and the color and clarity, size and shape of the tourmaline is just as I hoped. 
It all came together, I am thrilled! Wow, I will have no problem bringing you my next project if you are willing,
 It was such a great experience.

Thank you, thank you!

Dear Cheryl,

Glad you liked it.

I want to thank you for the wonderful learning experience. The process of locating the stone and all the way through to the completion of  a one-of a kind pendant. I hope you will show it to your friend at the jewelry store to see what he thinks of it. If he would like me to source any stones for him I would really appreciate the opportunity.

look forward to keeping in touch with you,

Thanks again,


23 mm X 13 mm Pink/Raspberry 16.3 cts. Tourmaline (light heat, otherwise untreated) with solid 18K gold custom designed bezel and bale.

Tourmaline stone-$785.00

Gold and labor for bezel & bale-$485.00


22" Bar-link, 5 Baht chain

From:  Barry Suttle
Sent:  Sunday, 21 December2014
To: Thomas Pryor (


Hi Tom,
Hope you have had a great beginning to the new year! The chain looks fantastic! I have had a couple of friends visit the site and I noticed it looks revamped, I hope that this means business is going strong! Will be in touch again in the near future to let you know about ordering more!
Thanks Tom!
It looks magnificent! Shipping to the office (2004 W 120th Ave Suite B, Denver CO 80234) would be best for me as I seem to be here all the time haha. I appreciate all of the communication you have had with me during the process and cant wait to show the chain to everyone here at the office, I have also talked to the officers of our corporation and may be able (fingers crossed) to authorize your chains as bonuses to some of the higher level employees. All in all this has been a wonderful experience so far. Thanks again.


From:  Sacha
Sent: January 1, 2015
To: Thomas Pryor (

Hi Tom, I hope you are keeping very well…thanks so much for the card!

I hope you and your wife also had a relaxing vacation over the holiday season and also rang in the New Year in style.  Instead of me telling you what my wife thought of her jewelry, I thought it would be better if I let her do the talking:

Hello and Happy New Year!  Tom, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful bracelet and necklace.  You do such lovely work!  They are so unique – the colors, the detail, the texture and style.  I love wearing them, and I feel like they’ll bring me good luck in the New Year.  Best wishes to you and yours! - Rose

Thanks again so much for the amazing pieces, my wife has already received compliments on the bracelet and necklace from everyone who has seen them…in fact, she is wearing them right now as we get ready to ring in the New Year from here in the USA!

Wishing you all the very best in 2015,

Best Regards,

Sacha & Rose

Sukhothai 999 Silver, Enameled beads, braided rope necklace (31.1 grams,17.5") and Sukhothai 999 Silver Dragon Head bracelet (27.7 grams, 6.5").


From:  Gayle Clark 
Sent: March 11, 2014
To: Thomas Pryor (
Hey Tom,
How are you? I am still loving my beautiful jewelry! I have copied a friend on this email, Kathy Gross. She and her husband were admiring my Baht necklace and bracelet which I wore attached as a necklace.
Could you please send her your website link info...I think she is looking for information and has some trepidation about buying blindly from Asia.
I hope all is well with you...


Barrel Link 7 5/8" Length, 1.5 Baht, 4.4 mm link diameter


Delivery Date: Friday, August 01, 2014
Status: Delivered (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA 95670, US)
   Sorry I missed your call, but my phone was off and I dozed off after a week of working.  I would like to have talked to you...tried your number but it's a Skype number.
   The chain is a dandy.  I'm wearing it right now.  Just took it off and it's a little stiff; some segments aren't able to articulate.  I guess this will break in and the chain will be fluid.

What I wanted to talk to you about was the possibility of ordering another chain.  But that GSP thing would have to clear as I'd want to order a larger chain and possibly in that picture of the link I sent you.  I think it's called "Fancy Cable Link."  Or the other choice would be the barrel link like we discussed.

   And is the issue with the SS something new that you learned?  From what you said it seems like FedEx is dealing with a lot of recipients refusing their SS number so I'm not alone and I'm guessing they have to comply.  I just want to get this all clarified before ordering more stuff.
Thanks for being so articulate and organized and really on top of things.
Jim Bessinger


18" Custom 3 Baht "Anchor-Link" 3.4 mm Chain


From: Bruce Wayne
Date: 07/21/2014

Dear Tom,



GREAT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JULY 2014

24" Custom 6 Baht "Bar-Link" 4 mm x 6.5 mm Chain


From: sally J

Date: July 29, 2013

Hi Tom - I got the chains, and they are GORGEOUS!!!!  I love them!

thank you so much!



1-Baht Bar Link, 23 3/8", 6.4 mm x 2 mm link diameter




From: sally J

Date: July 29, 2013


Hi Tom - I got the chains, and they are GORGEOUS!!!!  I love them!

thank you so much!



Barrel Link 17.5", 3-Baht, 4.2 mm Link Diameter



From: Ivan
Subject: RE: Necklace is finished!
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 21:32:07 -0500

Dear Tom,
I received the chain today.  I'm very impressed with the finished product as well as the entire transaction.
The color of the gold is very unique and was what drew me to Thai gold initially.
I may have to order another one.
Thank you for making the ordering process very easy and stress-free.
Feel free to use my comments but please use my first name only.
I noticed the hoc sow chain is no longer offered on your website.
Do I own an endangered species?  I will keep you in mind for future gold purchases.
Thanks again,

23" Custom 5 Baht "Hoc Sow" 4mm Braided Chain


 From: Ben
Subject: RE: Sukhothai Silver
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 09:14:26 -0500




The pieces have arrived and they are outstanding. Great choice for the bracelet. You have definitely won a repeat customer with this order. Also, my partner is interested in some custom work as well, so I will be showcasing your website to him.





Hand made "Sukhothai" .999 Silver Necklace 


mikes_chaina.jpg (213307 bytes)

From: Mdtilden@
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 18:21:28 -0400
Subject: Re: 4 baht chain


Thanks for the info below.
Got the chain and it really is stunning....I will write something up for you with a little more meat on it.   Thanks again!  Mike

Hello Tom.

I want to thank you for the stunning 23k chain that you had made for me.  I have never made a purchase this large over the Internet but because of our correspondence and your depth of knowledge I knew that I could trust you. I have been looking for a gold chain for some time as a result I did a lot of research.  I found that the Thai’s have a long legacy and an almost religious appreciation for fashioning gold into wearable art that in many ways exceeds that which you would in other countries know for high quality gold jewelry. The chain that I purchased from you is made to this Thai standard and speaks to level of craftsmanship that went into it’s production!  In closing, thanks for your honesty and attention to detail that began at the start and I am totally pleased with the chain and having chosen you to represent me in a place so far away.

Custom made 4 Baht, 21" Filigree Anchor Chain 


maggienecklace.jpg (187893 bytes)

From: Maggie
Subject: Re: necklace final invoice
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 22:07:00 -0800

Dear Tom,
I received the exquisite necklace this afternoon.  The detail is incredible and beyond by wildest expectations.  Thanks again and I await more information on the pendant.

25" Custom made 8 Baht .9999 Gold Sukhothai Necklace


 From: Maggie
Subject: Re: bracelet quote/pendant update
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 10:05:21 -0800

I am so enjoying my new pendant.  It is beautiful and was worth the wait.
Best Regards,

Custom 2 Baht, 1 1/4"Chinese "longevity" Pendant  


Sent: Mon 1/19/09 10:14 AM





Hi Tom,
Just received Mali's bracelet.  Beyond magnificent!!  The skill and patience to make this is incredible!!  Thanks very much!!  Will let you know what Mali says after she gets home from work, but I'm sure to get some luvin' for this!
We will be happy to refer you some more business.
Warm regards,

Custom made "Picun" 23k Gold Bracelet



Beautiful Chain and Pendant‏
From: Offline george
Sent: Tue 10/06/09 10:18 AM
Dear Tom,
This morning, the beautiful chain and pendant arrived. Both pieces of jewelry are as splendid as you said they would be. The detailed craftsmanship, rich color of the gold, and elegant style is fashionable yet masculine enough for me. I appreciate your extremely diligent customer focus. Especially noteworthy were your close and constant communications with me. In addition to reassuring me of your trustworthiness, it made the entire process seamless and stressless. Thank you for carefully and strategically negotiating with the goldsmiths on my behalf. You have a customer for life and I will gladly refer your company to family and friends. I encourage everyone with an intention of purchasing gold to do it soon. Prices are approaching levels not seen in my lifetime. In fact, when I visited Thailand in 1971, gold was approximately $35.00 and ounce. If I only had the foresight to see where prices were headed.
Thanks again Tom! Good luck with your business!!


Custom made 8 Baht barrel link chain and 2 Baht pendant (7 gram "M" clasp) 


From: Offline Maggie
Sent: Tue 9/22/09 3:59 PM
To: Thomas Pryor (


Dear Tom,
As usual the items are wonderful.  I was so excited to get them and am wearing the bracelets now.  I will try the two pair of earrings after I finish this email.  I love the orange color of the gold.
I looked at the pictures of the gold and they are beautiful.  I will send some comments on the emails with the specific pictures.
Thanks again and I will follow-up on the pictures later today.

From: Offline Zee p
Sent: Wed 9/23/09 11:47 PM
To: tom pryor (

The earrings are a WOW.   Love the dangle 110, and the studs are beautiful.  I've finally learned to use small rubberlike backs for them.  Thank you so much for your good taste and effortless business style.  I'll be back before long.  Thanks again, zee

From: Jason
Subject: Baht chain shipped
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:53:10 -0500

Got home and the chain is perfect. Now I’m looking for a 1 baht gold cross. The ones on the internet web sites are to ornate.  I’m looking for a simple cross. If you can have one made or can pick one up let me know. I will send pictures of what I’m looking for if you can help.


Jason Metivier

From:   Arruebarrena, Dennis  
Sent: Sat 1/10/09 2:07 PM
To: Thomas Pryor (


I did receive my chain and it’s beautiful!! My only complaint is the clasp which I am having changed. I realize that this is the way they are made and I don’t have a problem, but I don’t want it to fall off. Otherwise I love it, the size is good and the links have already begun to loosen up!

Thanks again!


Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 10:03:32 -0500
From: ADelgado
"Having lived in Thailand as a child, I was eager to order a substantial gold chain as a Christmas gift.  After researching many sites, I decided to place my confidence in and I was glad I did.  The first and most important thing was that I was immediately contacted by the owner - we communicated many times to make sure the order was just right.  This tremendously boosted my confidence that I was dealing with an extremely professional company.  Once payment was received, I was updated constantly on the process and even received pictures of the finished product before they shipped. The products arrived exactly on time, exactly as ordered and were exactly what I wanted.  What more can you ask for?
I can understand people might be concerned about sending money overseas - when dealing with Mr. Pryor and you should feel absolutely confident you are in good hands whether you are spending 1,000.00 dollars or 10,000.00 dollars. 
Aaron D. Delgado, Esq.
p.s.  And gold prices have gone up since I ordered, so I feel extra clever particularly since urged me to order before the prices went up.


From:  barw
Sent: Mon 4/27/09 8:21 PM
To: Thomas Pryor (

Dear Tom,
I received my beautiful bracelet this evening and am  thrilled.  The size is perfect,  the workmanship is fantastic, and it is exactly as I had wanted.  Thank you for helping me through each step of the process.  It's easy to purchase something off the shelf but was so much more rewarding and meaningful to have gone through you.  Now, I'm looking forward to wearing it and showing everyone.




From:  cliff bostic  
Sent: Mon 5/04/09 1:33 PM
To: Thomas Pryor (
thomas    i received the chain. it is a beauty. it is slowly loosening up. my wife likes it. will likely order another in the near future. thinking about a curb link. are they heavier than the anchor? thinking about 28 inches long by 4-5mm wide. ....thanks cliff


Sent: Sat 5/30/09 11:53 PM

 Hi Tom,  I got the chain. It is beautiful!  Thank you for all your help!
If any of my friends want one, I will give them your  info!  I am very pleased with  it! 
Thank you!

From:  Giovanni Monteferrante
Sent: Thu 6/11/09 10:35 AM
To: Thomas Pryor (
Thomas -
I did receive the chain as you indicated.  I couldn't be more pleased.  My old chain was taken from me in a robbery in South Africa last month, I had it for over 30 years, and had originally bought it in Bangkok during a visit.  It was a 2 baht chain, and I wanted to get one a little larger.  This one is perfect, and just what I was anticipating.
Thanks for your efforts, and good service!

 10 Baht Braided Rope Chain

 From: Robert Prongay  

Wed 10/15/08 5:24 AM 

Hi Tom,

Yes I received the chain today as well as your phone call.  I was up in an extremely hot attic pulling wires at the time, so unfortunately I couldn't get to my phone. As for the chain, it is beautiful - exquisite - stunning - all three of those descriptions fit it very well.  I put it on and it made my other gold chain that I had been wearing look like rubbish.  The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and it has such a rich look to it.  The length is perfect - not too long, but not too short. 
Thanks Again,

3 Baht Gold Chain‏
From: john fort
Sent: Mon 11/05/07 8:54 AM
I love the three baht chain. It looks great and has a
wonderful, solid, well-made feel. I have the highest
regard for you and your family in Thailand because of
the way you honored your commitment to customer
satisfaction. I would recommend your company to
anyone who wants good quality, high carat gold.


RE: gold chain UPDATE‏

From: john fort  
Sent: Fri 8/17/07 4:13 AM
To: Thomas Pryor (
I don't really like it. I thought these chains were
solid and I don't like the hollow feel or weight.
Also, I should have ordered a 22". The 24" is too
long. So, if I end up wearing the chain I will
probably have it shortened.



From: Henry Bonds  
Sent: Fri 8/10/07 12:58 AM
Cc: hcbonds007@
Dear Pryor,
Sorry that it's been a while since we've communicated, but I just want to 
tell you that i got the necklace and it was BEAUTIFUL! Thanks a lot for all 
of your help, and I look forward to doing possible business with you in the 
future. I haven't even taken it off yet. I'm still in awe of the luster. 
Again, you were a big help and hope to hear from you.

March 5, 2006


1:30 P.M.

Tom –

Testimonial: “What follows is an unsolicited testimonial – not an advertisement.

I decided to deal with Thomas Pryor Jr. at Siam Imports, LLC after doing more than a year’s research on manufacturers of high-grade custom designed gold jewelry.  I could not be more pleased with my experience with Mr. Pryor.

He consistently informed me as to the status of the manufacture of the three pieces that I had designed and ordered.  The manufacturing process did not take long and when the jewelry arrived my wife was absolutely thrilled with her two pieces.  My chain far exceeded my highest expectations.

Thank you Tom and Siam Imports LLC.

A grateful customer from Maryland.

Hi, Tom

Just want to let you know I received the braided necklace, and really like it a lot! Thanks for getting me this perfect length and style. Will keep watching your auctions. Hope you are doing well.


Tom, The necklace arrived this morning. So heavy for a thing so small ! And the alloy's color and luster are quite fine. Needless to say, we are delighted. Not only with the jewelry, but also with your service and personal touch. Expect many more orders from us and our friends in the future. Meanwhile, we wish you and your wife the very best. Thanks again. Greg

Dear Mr. Pryor, I just wanted to extend a personal thank you for staying true to the promises on your Ebay site. Your Ebay site is very informative and professional. I am equally impressed with the substantial beauty of the bracelet I just received. It compliments the other 23k jewelry I own. I hope to do further business with you in the future. Don't be surprised if I email you very soon asking if you have more of this PIKUN bracelet. I have 4 sisters who I know will be very envious of my recent acquisition. My best wishes to you and your wife on your pending return travel to Thailand. Sincerely, Annabelle 

Hi Tom, shipment arrived on Thursday. Love the Necklace!!!!!!!!!!!as well as the silk. Thanks for the great service. It was nice doing business with you. Will check out your future auctions. Greetings, Gabie

Mr. Tom Pryor,
      THANK YOU!!  We did receive my necklace and I just LOVE it!!  My
birthday was Saturday, it was a gift from my husband Dana. Again we
couldn't be happier!!!
                Dana & Cindy Jo

Hello Tom,  The necklace is WONDERFUL!!! I could not be happier!  It was well worth the wait. I just want to say thank you for the great  communications and service. I will be regularly checking your Ebay auctions and when ever I need a piece of QUALITY gold jewelry I will check with you before looking anywhere else. I'm sure we will be doing business again  in the near future. Thanks again and as always,  Best regards, Chris


I'm happy beyond belief is didn't give it justice in your is exactly what I wanted.....thank you so very much!!!  


Tom - The necklace arrived today.  It's much more delicate than a lot of Thai necklaces and that makes it quite special.  Many thanks. Brenda

Hi Tom,

The beaded chain just came!  What a beauty - I love it.  It is around my
neck right now - it is so smooth and comfortable.  I bought this one for
me and it is perfect.

Thanks so much for offering such high quality and beautiful items and
for the excellent service.  You are great to do business with.


Just wanted to let you know the earrings arrived today and they are just
beautiful!  Mom was thrilled--she never thought she'd find a pair of
hoops let alone ones as large and lovely as these!  Thanks so much


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