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All Chains are Solid 96.5% Gold (23K)

Each one is custom made for you.

Workmanship is the best Thailand has to offer

Since 1999


September 2018 Price $850.00 per Baht +  Shipping


Our 23K Thai Baht Gold chains are made of 96.5% purity gold and custom-made for our customers.  They are completely made by hand by experienced Thai goldsmiths who we have worked with for over 15 years. All chains are hallmarked with the makers stamp and or "Cast Mark" with the guaranteed purity of "96.5%". 

We choose to display only photos of chains/necklaces we have actually made through the years for our customers. This way you can see the chains that are most popular and the true degree of workmanship that you can expect from us. You can also read the customer comments regarding many of these chains by visiting our "Testimonials" page. The average time to make a custom 23k gold Thai Baht Gold chain of any weight or length is approximately 2 weeks but can take longer...up to 3 weeks depending on the work load of the maker and degree of detail in the link design. The end of January of each year is the busiest season due to orders for Chinese New Year.


N-1972 The above solid 23k gold Anchor link is a 3 Baht (45.48 grams) classic Thai chain. Available in 1-10 Baht weights in any length.





N1973 Bold & beautiful 3 Baht (45.48 grams) "Aviator" style bar link chain with twin xx diamond cuts and highly polished end caps. This is currently our most popular selling chain in weights from 2 Baht - 10 Baht.  Dimensions of this 3 baht chain are: 24" Length & 3.9 mm link diameter.



N1968 This elegant diamond cut barrel link is only a one Baht chain. Composed of 23k gold (96.5) it weighs exactly 15.16 grams or about 1/2 troy oz. This Baht Gold chain is in stock for immediate purchase and shipping. The dimensions are: 21" length and 2 mm link diameter.



N-1969  Figaro Diamond-cut chain

The diamond-cut accents really add a perfect flash affect to this traditional style chain. Superb workmanship and amazing attention to detail. The 23k gold chain about is in stock right now and can be shipped same day by FedEx International. If you want to order this chain in any weight and length it can be completed in 10 days -two weeks. The above Baht Gold chain is 2 Baht weight, 20" in length and the size of the link is 5.7 mm wide. This chain is currently in stock.



N-1970 Baht braided rope chain (Hok Sow)

The 'Hok Sow" Thai braided rope chain was first made hundreds of years and the process in which it is made today has not changed in the slightest. Famous for the ultra fine solid core wire that is braided in to this wearable work of art in 23k gold. The photo above is a 2 Baht,16" in length and a braided rope diameter of 3 mm This chain came with optional ornate end caps. Please check with us for current pricing on any length and any weight chain. The Hoc sow is available weights beginning at 2 Baht, 30.32 grams (approximately 1 Troy oz). 



N-1971 Short link Barrel 

This a popular Baht Gold chain due to the short segmented barrel style link. It contours to the neck beautifully and has a sleek, classy look. This chain is a 4 Baht, 24" length and the links are 4.2mm in diameter but can be ordered in most every weight and length. Please check with us for current pricing.



N1972 rectangular open link chain 20.75" long

Stunning Solid 23k gold in a two Baht (actual weight is 30.4 grams) weight and 20 3/4" length. The links are 4.5 mm x 9.2 mm and solid (not hollow). The links are highly polished although the photo looks otherwise. Incredibly strong chain and priced to sell. Special Price includes FedEx delivery! This chain can now be ordered.


N1973 Bar-link xx diamond-cut

 The above is an example of a 2-Baht (30.32 grams), XX diamond-cut bar-link chain in a 20" length. The finish is highly polished. Available in 16" - 30" length. An elegant, classy look that won't break the bank. Call me for more details on this unique piece. 


Thai Baht Bar link 10 baht chain necklace


N1974 Bar-Link Diamond-Cut

The above Baht Gold chain is a recent sale. It's a 10-Baht (151.6 grams), diamond-cut Bar-link chain is a 24" length. The link size is 5.2 mm. Very substantial Thai Baht chain and the largest one of this style we have had made. This chain can be ordered in 1 Baht to 10 Baht. The customer comments from the buyer of this chain can be found in our "Testimonial" page.





N1975 "Aviator Chain" 

This is the chain that most customer's contact us about. It is quite a famous design to Americans. Those of us who served during the Vietnam War remember it well. Even today military pilots consider it a Thai classic chain they would not be without. It is available in 1-15 Baht weight and made in any length. The purity is 96.5% gold and comes with the appropriate size "M" clasp. This is definitely a classic Thai Baht chain. (The chain above is a 6-Baht)




Thai Baht 23K gold fligree Anchor link chain

N1976 Filigree Anchor Chain

A very special Anchor link chain ordered last year. Very beefy link with beautifully applied filigree on each of the anchor links. We can only place an order for this in a 3 Baht minimum so keep that in mind when ordering. This one is a 10 Baht. 




Thai Baht 23k gold braided chain necklace

N1977 Braided Rope Chain

The Thai Classic braided rope style chains are exquisite here in Thailand. This "Hoc Sow" chain was hand braided with hand-pulled solid gold wire. The gold wire is solid 96.5% gold purity. This chain is a 3-Baht "Hoc Sow" style but the design can be ordered in weights of 2-Baht to10-Baht. We suggest weights to be two Baht and over due to the very small wire diameter of the lighter chains. Breakage of the fine wire can happen and is not repairable. We would have to remake the chain. The solid gold wire diameter in a two Baht hoc sow is more than adequate for the durability required for everyday use.




Thai 23k gold Barrel Link chain necklace

N1978 Barrel Link Chain

We call this a "Medium Barrel link" Baht Gold chain. The Thai classic "Barrel link" is a very popular design and we have sold many in our many years of selling from Thailand. Please call me if you would like any guidance on selecting a chain. The Classic Barrel link is available in weights of 1 Baht to 10 Baht and can be made to your preferred length. This one is a 3 Baht, 3.8 mm diameter links, 20" length.



Thai gold 23K Rolo chain necklace 3 Baht

N1979 Rolo Chain 

This is a highly polished Rolo-link Baht Gold chain in a 3-Baht weight (45.48 grams). It's 17" in length and the link diameter is 5.5 mm. It had to be customized to this length since most heavier Rolo chains are made over 24" so they will fit over the head without manipulating the clasp. In this case the 5.7 gram clasp makes it easy to open and close. This chain is available in weights from 1 Baht to 10 Baht.




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Thai Baht 23K gold Bars

In Thailand Thai Baht gold chains are still made by hand. Talented Thai craftsmen work the almost pure gold into amazing designs acclaimed by the world as some of the finest gold jewelry available in the world today.

The Thai Baht gold available from is considered traditional Thai style. Each chain is made of solid gold that is of 96.5% purity (a little over 23K). Thai gold is weighed in the "Baht" weight. One Baht equals 15.16 grams (about 1/2 ounce) When you purchase a Thai Baht gold chain, Thai Baht gold bracelet or Thai Baht gold Clasp you are purchasing the item by the weight at the price of gold on that day PLUS the labor cost to make it and any other acquisition cost to obtain it. You can easily evaluate the value of a Thai Baht gold chain by comparing the price of a lower karat gold necklace at your local mall. Most gold necklaces sold in the United Sates for example are machine made and of 14K gold purity (58% gold). One can quickly see the true value of the Thai Baht gold chain necklace in terms of cost per gram of almost pure gold. 


Time to Buy!!


The price of Thai Baht gold fluctuates just like the International spot price of gold. The price of gold is reported to the gold shops in Bangkok about 3-times a day. The left column of the graph shows the price of the gold in Thai Baht ("Baht" is also the name of the currency in Thailand). In addition to the cost of the gold you must also pay for the labor as we mentioned before. The labor cost can vary depending on the design of the piece. Many goldsmiths these days will only make a design that is at least a 2-Baht in weight. Some goldsmiths will make a design as light as 1/4 Baht (3.79 grams) but they charge a substantial premium to make it. That's why the price of a 1/4 Baht or 1/2 Baht chain is always a higher per gram price. Cost is also affected by the exchange rate of the currency used to buy the gold. Based on the graph do you think it's a good time to buy Baht gold?

Other Cost

Has anyone mentioned "DUTY"?. In the United States the Generalized System of Preferences (G.S.P.) was renewed by the United States Congress retroactively and signed into law by the President in April 2018 for a period of two-years. This A-7113.19 Harmonized Code is used on all of our documents related to the sale of Gold necklaces and chains made in Thailand. This "Duty Free" treatment of high karat gold chains and necklaces is applicable ONLY to gold chains and necklaces. Gold bracelets are not eligible. We do not guarantee that the US Customs inspectors, agents or sub agents unequivocally pass all gold items without requesting further information on the item such as your ID and SSN before clearing the parcel. However, a request for personal ID is routine for imported items in the US and has nothing to do with taxation. The Duty Free treatment of all high karat gold chains made in Thailand is the law when the GSP is in effect. As stated, the current GSP Eligibility was extended in April 2018 in the United States so all Thai gold chains are currently eligible for duty free treatment. More information on this can be read here: GSP TODAY

We ship only to the United States of America




When we first started our website back in 1999 all of our items were sold from this gold shop. It was the only gold shop that would allow us to take photos. Now, years wife is even more beautiful .....and we almost never buy a chain off the rack at the gold shop. All of our orders are custom made to the exact link style, weight and length requested by the customer. We promote link styles that we have made in the past so we can assure our customers of the high degree of workmanship. 

We are Americans and proud of it. We work with a very competent Thai staff in Bangkok. We have been in business for 16 years. In all of those years we have not learned much about website design or SEO techniques and we are certainly not wizards at e-commerce as almost anyone can tell. But we love what we do. We are really good at what we do. And we have a passion for conducting business from abroad in an honest and forthright way. Please see our "Testimonials"


Thailand floods


The money that we earn completely funds our Bangkok animal rescue in Thailand. We rescue injured, sick, or unwanted animals from this very inhospitable environment. We nurture them back to health, take care of all medical issues, spay or neuter them and  then find forever homes for them in Thailand.

We started the rescue during the "Great Thailand Floods" of 2011 when we witnessed the Thai people abandoning their homes and leaving behind all of their belongings including their pets so they could escape the rising water that eventually engulfed their homes and our home. By boat, my wife fed the animals who took refuge on the roofs of  flooded homes and factories. 


For information about our animal rescue please search Bangkok Cat Rescue on Facebook.



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