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Custom 96.5% and 99.99% Gold Classic

Thai gold chains made to your

preferred weight and length.


99.99% 24k gold Anchor link Thai chain

#24GC20 Anchor link pure 99.99% gold chain. 3 Baht (45.6 grams), 23 1/2" length, 3.1 mm link diameter. Very precise and skilled workmanship.

Silky to the touch and very flexible from the beginning with no break-in time.

Priced slightly above (96.5%) 23k gold. True investment grade jewelry. Price $3,780.00



All 99.99% gold chains are ready to ship FedEx today!

24k gold Franco 1 Baht Thai chain 24k gold Thai Anchor link chain Cee Sow 24k gold Thai Baht chain
#24GC30 FRANCO 99.99% Gold, 1 Baht  2 mm chain. 20" SOLD #24GC40 ANCHOR 99.99% Gold, 1 Baht, 2 mm chain 21.75" $1,275.00 #24GC50 Cee Sow 99.99% Gold, 1 Baht, 1.8 mm, 21.75" $1,275.00


  99.99% Fligree 24k gold mixed link chain   
  #24GC60 ANCHOR 99.99% Gold, 1/2 Baht, 3.5 mm chain 17.5" $720.00 SOLD  

All Chains are shipped via FedEx Priority for $88.00 and includes insurance


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Due to the current price volatility in the gold market, it is important to contact me for current pricing. The pricing chart below is a current estimate.

Just email me at or call via Whatsapp (66) 62-653-1080


96.5% Gold Chain Price List

(New lower prices on 1.5 Baht or more)

Baht weight Grams Troy oz. Price in USD
1 15.16 .487 $1,200.00
1.5 22.74 .730 $1,740.00
2 30.32 .974 $2,320.00
3 45.48 1.46 $3,480.00
4 60.64 1.94 $4,640.00
4.5 68.22 2.18 $5,220.00
5 75.64 2.43 $5,800.00
6 90.96 2.92 $6,960.00
7 106.12 3.41 $8,120.00
8 121.28 3.89 $9,280.00
9 136.44 4.38 $10,440.00
10 151.60 4.87 Contact us
15 227.24 7.30 Contact us


These amazing 96.5% gold chains are ready to ship FedEx today!

Thai Baht 23k gold Oval link chain Thai 23k gold fancy mixed link Baht chain Traditional Diamond cut Thai Baht 23k gold chain
CH101-2 BAHT More details 22" Length
CH102-1 BAHT SOLD 19"Length
CH103-1.5 BAHT More details 24" Length



Classic "Aviator" style 23k gold Thai Baht chain Anchor Link 23k gold Thai Baht Chain Filigree Bar link 23k gold diamond cut Thai Baht chain
CH104-1.5 BAHT More details 23 3/4" Length
CH105-2 BAHT More details 23" Length
CH106-1 BAHT More details 20" Length



BAR Link 1 Baht 23k gold highly polished chain Franco 23k gold 2 BAht Thai chain Bar link Aviator 23k gold chain
CH107-1 BAHT More details 24" Length
CH108-2 BAHT More details 20" Length
CH109-4.5 BAHT More details 24" Length


Bar link Aviator style 20 inch 23k gold Thai Baht chain Short Barrel link 23k gold 5 Baht Thai 23 inch chain Ornate solid 23k gold Floral design necklace
CH110-4.5 BAHT More details 20" Length
CH111-5 BAHT More details 23" Length
CH112-3 BAHT More details 16" Length





Customer review of 2 1/2 Baht DC 23k gold rolo chain

N-1962 ROLO Diamond Cut  (2 1/2 Baht shown above)

NEW 22" Solid Gold Rolo Link Chain


2 Baht Anchor link chain23k gold


N-1963 Anchor  (2 Baht shown above)

NEW 23" Solid Gold Anchor Link Chain IN STOCK    More Info



23k gold Franco style 20" Thai Baht gold chain 

N-1964 Franco  (3/4 Baht shown above)

NEW 20" Solid Gold Franco chain SOLD Only $915.00  More Info


5 Baht Thai 23k gold barrel chain

N-1965 Short Barrel Link  (5 Baht shown above)

NEW Very popular link design in various weights. This is a new addition to our inventory but can be ordered in any length or weight. Customers like the fluidity of the chain and how it easily contours the neck, especially when you wear a pendant. The solid core link connections are almost invisible or as least very inconspicuous and creates this really sleek design. This chain is a 5 Baht (75.8 grams), 23" length and a substantial 4.8 mm link diameter. See pricing chart at the top of the page but also check with us for current pricing. IN STOCK 


Handmade floral 23k gold Thai Baht necklace chain

23k gold Thai floral earrings
NEW N-1966 Floral Necklace & Earring Set. Weight of the necklace is 41.7 grams and earrings 4.9 grams. This is an extraordinary set is composed of solid 96.5% gold (purity over 23k) and completely handmade. The length of the necklace is 16 1/4" and a graduated width from the center of 1/2" to 1/4" o the end. This stunning floral motif is enhanced by delicate highlights on the petal edges and a satin textured finish.  The box clasp has a safety hook and has a precision feel to it not to mention the piece of mind that the necklace will not separate unexpectedly. The earrings carry on the floral theme with the same intricate workmanship and a striated textured finish which is remarkably beautiful and perfectly compliments the necklace. The earrings measure 1/2" in diameter.

This set comes with a certified gold assay report lab report from the GIT lab (Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand) in Bangkok. Since the item is not sold by the "Baht" weight and is sold as a set, please contact us for pricing. Estimated price for necklace - $3,395.00 and earrings- $450.00. IN STOCK


Oval link solid 23k gold Thai Baht chain

N-1967 Short Oval Link  (2 Baht shown above)

NEW This a popular open link chain is finally in stock again.  It's a solid core link and very strong.This chain is a 2 Baht, 21" length and the links are 5.3 mm in diameter but can be ordered in most every weight and length. Please check with us for current pricing. Available in any Baht weight from (15.16 grams) One Baht chains can be made to a 18" maximum length in this link style.) SOLD. Can be ordered.



Take off and additional 2.5% discount on Wells Fargo bank transfers

24" NEW "AVIATOR" 68.2 grams! 20 1/4" NEW "AVIATOR" 69.4 grams!


ONLY $5,400.00 SOLD but can be ordered

ONLY $5,400.00

more info

Aviator style 23k gold bar link Thai chain necklace

more info


22" NEW "Diamond Cut" 45.6 grams! 24" NEW "Diamond Cut" 15.16 grams!


ONLY $3,610.00

ONLY $1,200.00 SOLD but can be ordered

22 inch 3 Baht Thai gold chain

more info

Aviator style 23k gold bar link Thai chain necklace

more info



Rope chain in 23k gold

23k gold American Rope Chain
N-1969  (2 Baht) New American Rope style 96.5% gold chain. We have sold this style before but this new one is more dense and the links are stronger than before. I had this one made for our inventory recently. Brand new 2 Baht (30.32 grams), 22", 4.6 mm links.   Superb detail and workmanship. Can be ordered in other weights and lengths. This one is IN STOCK

3 Baht 23k gold Thai DOUBLE ROLO chain made in Thailand

N-1970  (3 Baht) New Double Rolo 96.5% solid core gold chain has become a rare find in Bangkok these days. I had this one made for our inventory recently. Brand new 3 Baht (45.48 grams), 22", 3.7 mm links.  If you prefer a very dense, strong solid 23k gold chain yet has an elegant understated look,
 this chain might be for you. Superb detail and workmanship. Can be ordered in 2 Baht weight or heavier and in any length



23k gold Thai Baht Anchor link chain made in Thailand

N-1972 Solid Core Anchor  (3 Baht shown) The above solid 23k gold Anchor link is a 3 Baht (45.48 grams) classic Thai Anchor chain. Available in 1-10 Baht weights in any length.



N1973 Bar link 2X Diamond Cut (3 Baht shown)

Bold & beautiful 3 Baht (45.48 grams) "Aviator" style bar link chain with twin xx diamond cuts and highly polished end caps. This is currently our most popular selling chain in weights from 2 Baht - 10 Baht.  Dimensions of this 3 Baht chain are: 24" Length & 3.9 mm link diameter. Can be ordered in any weight and length.





N-1976 Baht braided rope chain (Hok Sow) (2 Baht shown)

The 'Hok Sow" Thai braided rope chain was first made hundreds of years and the process in which it is made today has not changed in the slightest. Famous for the ultra fine solid core wire that is braided in to this wearable work of art in 23k gold. The photo above is a 2 Baht,16" in length and a braided rope diameter of 3 mm This chain came with optional ornate end caps. Please check with us for current pricing on any length and any weight chain. The Hoc sow is available weights beginning at 2 Baht, 30.32 grams (approximately 1 Troy oz). 3 Baht weight, 45.48 grams is the most popular size. Email us now to order. (2 Baht minimum weight)




23k Gold bar link diamond cut chain necklace

N1979 Bar-link xx diamond-cut (2 Baht shown)

 The above is an example of a 2-Baht (30.32 grams), XX diamond-cut bar-link chain in a 20" length. The finish is highly polished. Available in 16" - 30" length. An elegant, classy look that won't break the bank. Call me for more details on this unique piece. Can be made with a plain highly polished finish, Single X diamond cut or Twin XX diamond cut finish.


Thai Baht Bar link 10 baht chain necklace


N1980 Heavy Bar-Link Diamond-Cut (10 Baht shown)

The above Baht Gold chain is a recent sale. It's a 10-Baht (151.6 grams), diamond-cut Bar-link chain is a 24" length. The link size is 5.2 mm. Very substantial Thai Baht chain and the largest one of this style we have had made. This chain can be ordered in 1 Baht to 15 Baht. The customer comments from the buyer of this chain can be found in our "Customer Review" pages.



 8 Baht 23k gold Thai AVIATOR style bar link chain made in Thailand
N1981 "Aviator Bar link Chain" 

This is the chain that most customer's contact us about. It is quite a famous design to Americans. Those of us who served during the Vietnam War remember it well. Even today military pilots consider it a Thai classic chain they would not be without. It is available in 1-15 Baht weight and made in any length. The purity is 96.5% gold and comes with the appropriate size "M" clasp. This is definitely a classic Thai Baht bar link chain. This one is an 8 Baht.



Thai Baht 23k gold braided chain necklace

N1983 Braided Thai Rope Chain (3 Baht shown)

The Thai Classic braided rope style chains are exquisite here in Thailand. This "Hoc Sow" chain was hand braided with hand-pulled solid gold wire. The gold wire is solid 96.5% gold purity. This chain is a 3-Baht "Hoc Sow" style but the design can be ordered in weights of 2-Baht to10-Baht. We suggest weights to be two Baht and over due to the very small wire diameter of the lighter chains. Breakage of the fine wire can happen and is not repairable. We would have to remake the chain. The solid gold wire diameter in a two Baht hoc sow is more than adequate for the durability required for everyday use. ORDER NOW! (2 Baht minimum order)

23k gold 3 Baht Thai barrel link chain

N1984 Barrel Link Chain (3 Baht Shown)

The Thai Baht classic "Barrel link" is a very popular design and we have sold many in our years of selling from Thailand. Please call me if you would like any guidance on selecting a chain. The Round Classic Barrel link is available in weights of 1 Baht to 10 Baht and can be made to your preferred length. The chain as shown here is a 3 Baht, 3.9 mm diameter links, 22" length. Can be ordered in any weight and length.



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Thai Baht 23K gold Bars

Personally contact me at



Our 23K Thai Baht Gold chains are made of 96.5% pure gold and can be custom-made for our customers.  They are entirely made by hand by experienced Thai goldsmiths who we have worked with for over 15 years. All chains are hallmarked with the makers stamp and or "Cast Mark" with the guaranteed purity of "96.5%". 

We choose to display only photos on this web page of chains/necklaces we have made for our customers through the years with regular updates as new styles are sourced. This way you can see the chains that are the most popular and an accurate representation of the craftsmanship that you can expect from us. You can also read the customer comments regarding many of these chains by visiting our "Customer Reviews" page.

The average time to make a custom 23k gold Thai Baht Gold chain of any weight or length is approximately 2 weeks but can take longer...up to 3 weeks depending on the workload of the maker and degree of detail in the link design. The end of January of each year is the busiest season due to gift orders for Chinese New Year. During the major holiday periods, manufacturing can take an extra week.

Please contact me ( to confirm pricing. The price of gold changes several times every day here. Prices can vary from the listed price.

See our collection of You Tube videos


Our Thai Baht Gold Jewelry


In Thailand Thai Baht gold chains are still made by hand. Talented Thai craftsmen work the almost pure gold into amazing designs acclaimed by the world as some of the finest gold jewelry available in the world today.

The Thai Baht gold available from is considered traditional Thai style. Each chain is made of solid gold that is of 96.5% purity (a little over 23K). Thai gold is weighed in the "Baht" weight. One Baht equals 15.16 grams (about 1/2 ounce) When you purchase a Thai Baht gold chain, Thai Baht gold bracelet or Thai Baht gold Clasp you are purchasing the item by the weight at the price of gold on that day PLUS the labor cost to make it and any other acquisition cost to obtain it.

You can easily evaluate the value of a Thai Baht gold chain by comparing the price of a lower karat gold necklace locally. Most gold necklaces sold in the United Sates for example are machine made and14K gold purity (58% gold). One can quickly see the true value of the Thai Baht gold chain necklace in terms of cost per gram of almost pure gold (96.5%). 





The price of Thai Baht gold fluctuates just like the International spot price of gold. The price of gold is reported to the gold shops in Bangkok several times a day.

 The labor cost can vary depending on the design of the piece. Many goldsmiths these days will only make a design that is at least a 2-Baht in weight. Some goldsmiths will make a design as light as 1/4 Baht (3.79 grams) but they charge a substantial premium to make it. That's why the price of a 1/4 Baht or 1/2 Baht chain is always a higher cost per gram. Cost is also affected significantly by the exchange rate of the US Dollar &Thai Baht currency.




US Customs and Border Protection

Has anyone mentioned "DUTY"?.


The G.S.P. (Generalized System of Preferences) eligibility for gold chains entering the United States from Thailand was revoked by the United States trade authority on April 25, 2020. Going forward we will pay for all US Import Customs Duty/Tax & Merchandise Processing Fees with any jewelry purchase.



ABOVE: When we first started our website back in 1999 all of our items were purchased from this gold shop. It was the only gold shop that would allow us to take photos. Now, so many years later, we almost never buy a chain off the rack at the gold shop. All of our orders are custom made to the exact link style, weight and length requested by our customer. We promote link styles that we have made in the past so we can assure our customers of the highest degree of workmanship. 



About us

We are Americans and proud of it. We work with a very competent Thai staff in Bangkok. We have been in business for 20 years. In all of those years we have not learned much about website design or SEO techniques and we are certainly not wizards at e-commerce as almost anyone can tell. But we love what we do. We are really good at what we do. And we have a passion for conducting business from abroad in an honest and forthright way. Please see our "Customer reviews"




Our animal shelter & rescue


The money that we earn completely funds our Bangkok animal rescue in Thailand. We rescue injured, sick, or unwanted animals from this very inhospitable environment. We nurture them back to health, take care of all medical issues, spay or neuter them and then attempt to find forever homes for them in Thailand.

We started the rescue during the "Great Thailand Floods" of 2011 when we witnessed the Thai people abandoning their homes and leaving behind all of their belongings including their pets so they could escape the rising water that eventually engulfed their homes and our home. By boat, my wife fed the animals who took refuge on the roofs of flooded homes and factories. We realized early on we could not do all that was needed. The problem was too massive. But we knew we needed to do something. So we did what we could to save lives and provide care and love for them.


For information about our animal rescue please search Bangkok Cat Rescue on Facebook.


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