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Classic 23k Baht Gold Thai Chains

See All 24k (99.9%) gold chains here

Thai gold chains Can Be Made according

to your preferred weight and length.


Price as of March 3, 2024 

      $1346.00 per Baht (96.5%)

+ $95.00 FedEx Shipping/Insurance

Chains & Necklaces

New 23k Gold Tiger Link Design

Thai Baht 23k gold Tiger link chain
N-1994 New Arrival! Intruducing our exquisite NEW 23k gold (96.5%) gold Tiger link chain.
Upgrade your style with this highly detailed Solid gold 2 Baht chain. The length is 24" and
the link size is 4.6 mm. This chain can also be ordered in any weight and length.
Price: $2692.00 + FedEx shipping & insurance. In Stock & Ready to ship via FedEx

The 23k Gold New Diamond Cut Bar link

N-1992  New Arrival 23k gold (96.5% gold) 2 Baht (30.37 grams) bar link chain with very a unique Diamond-cut pattern.  Enjoy the richness of natural yellow gold  in this legendary chain. The length is 22" chain the link diameter is 3.3 mm. A daily wear chain that will last for generations. This chain can also be ordered in any weight or length.
In Stock & Ready to Ship via FedEx 
Price: $2692.00 + Shipping & Insurance.

Own The very Best in Thai Gold

3 Baht 23k gold Barrel link Thai Baht chain 
   23k gold Thai Baht Barrel link chain
N-1990  23k gold (96.5% gold) 3 Baht Barrel link chain.  Enjoy the best Thai workmanship in this magnificent 23" chain. The link diameter is 3.9 mm. The sleek appearence is popular with customers due to the almost invisible link connections. "The Investment You Wear"
Price: $4,050.00 Now $4005.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
(Can be ordered in any weight or length)

Incomparable Beauty in a lightweight chain.

N-1987 23k Gold, Solid 96.5%, 15.2 grams. 23 3/8" in length with a 3.6 mm link diameter. Looking for a very sturdy high karat gold chain you can wear 24/7? Upgrade your style with the beautiful rich yellow color of natural yellow gold.
Current Price: $1346.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock. Ready to Ship via

23k Gold 1 Baht Mixed link chain
23k gold chain  
   Rolo DC Barrel link 23k gold 1 Baht chain
N-1986 23k Gold. Very unique combination of links with solid core gold Rolo & Diamond -cut textured Barrel link Nice density for a 1 Baht (15.18 grams) Length: 20 1/4", link diameter: 3.0 mm. Price: $1346.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock.
Ready to ship FedEx

1/2 Baht Bar link Diamond Cut
DC Diamond Cut Bar link 23k gold 
N-9663 23k gold (96.5%) Twin Diamond cut Bar link chain 7.59 grams (1/2 Baht), 20.25" length and 1.6 mm diameter. Only 1/2 Baht but strong due to the solid gold link connections.
The perfect weight chain if your are a frequest buyer and want to collect chains over time. Price: $745.00 + FedEx shipping & insurance. In Stock. Ready to ship

Solid 23k Gold Franco
N-9662 Solid 23k gold (96.5%) Franco link chain 22.74 grams (1 1/2 Baht), 23.5" length and 2.3 mm diameter. Very dense handmade Franco with the rich color of 23k gold.
Price: $2020.00 + FedEx shipping & insurance. In Stock. Ready to ship FedEx

Simply Beautiful
23k gold beaded necklace
N-9661 Solid 23k gold (96.5%) Drop heart necklace with 6 station bead arrangement with 3 additional beads leading to the heart pendant.
Time to upgrade your style to 23k gold with the deep yellow tone of natural gold. The weight of this chain is 7.6 grams (1/2 Baht), Length: 15", Drop of pendant is 1 1/4" with a 1 cm precision diamond-cut heart. Highly pollished beads are 4.5 mm in size. Price: $745.00 + FedEx  shipping & insurance

Beautiful Design in 1 Baht

1 Baht 23k gold Multi link chain

Curb 23k gold chain 
N-1985 NEW Solid 23k gold mixed curb link chain. Lovely link design and handmade to 22" in length, 2.7 mm. At only 15.2 grams it feels very dense and the finishing is very smooth and silky to the touch. An investment you can wear 24/7 for a great price.
Price: $1346.00 + Shipping & Insurance. In Stock & Ready to ship FedEx 

Truly Thai Classic Wearable Art

5 Baht Sukhothai style 23k gold necklace
Sukhothai 23k gold  Sukhothai 23k gold chain  Sukhothai necklace 23k gold

N-1984 NEW! Braided Sukhothai Beaded link chain, 23k gold (96.5%), 5 Baht (75.8 grams) Beautifully crafted and designed in ancient times. This "Sukhothai" necklace is truly one-of-a-kind. This necklace is 26" in length. The braided rope (Hoc Sow) is 3.2 mm. The round stacked beads are 6 mm. The two main enameled beads are 7 mm. Everything is solid 96.5% gold. Premium labor cost on this piece.
Price: $6,800.00 Now $6780.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
 Ready to ship FedEx

Solid 23k Ancient style "Picun" Necklace
fine 23k gold Picun style Thai classic necklace 

Pikun THai Baht gold necklace  23k gold Pikun necklace 17" 96.5%      Sukhothai chain 23k gold
N-1983 NEW! "Pikun" 23k Gold Necklace, 45.57 grams of solid 96.5% gold.This necklace is 17" in length and a 5.7 mm Diameter. Exceptional workmanship. Ancient design in Solid gold. Premium for labor cost on this piece.
Price: $4088.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
Ready to ship FedEx

Franco 96.5% Solid Core Gold Chain
23k Franco Thai BAht chain

N1982 Superb craftmanship  23k (96.5%) gold 2.5 Baht Franco chain (38.0 grams) The length is 22", 3.0 mm Diameter.
Price: $3365.00 + Shipping & Insurance
SOLD, (Can be ordered)

Figaro 3-Baht

23k Figaro Thai Baht gold chain 20"
N-1980 Figaro link chain, 23k gold (96.5%), 3 Baht (45.52 grams) Beautifully high polished finish. This chain is 20" in length with 7.1 mm & 8.2 mm links.
Price: $4038.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock & Ready to ship FedEx

Classic Rolo in Solid Gold
Classic 23k gold Rolo link chain 20.5"
N-1977 Classic rolo link chain,23k gold (96.5%), 1 Baht (15.2 grams) Plain highly polished finish.  This chain is 20.5" in length with a 3.2 mm diameter..
Price: $1346.00 Shipping & Insurance..
Ready to ship FedEx

Impressive 23k DC Rolo


Diamond Cut Rolo 96.5% chain
N-1976 Outstanding detail in this 23k gold (96.5%), 2 1/2 Baht (38 grams) Diamond-cut rolo chain.  This chain is 21" in length with a 4.3 mm diameter. Comes with solid 23k gold traditional Thai M clasp. Price: $3365.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
Sold (Can be ordered)

Handmade 23k Gold PaperClip

Paper clip Thai Baht 23k gold chain
PaperClip 23k gold thai chain
N-1974  23k gold (96.5%) 1 Baht, highly polished Paper Clip/ Rolo mixed link chain 15.2 grams. This chain is 18" in length and 3.3 mm link diameter. A very unique look and completely handmade by a Thai goldsmith. Comes with solid 23k gold traditional Thai
m clasp.
Price: $1346.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock & Ready to ship FedEx

Our Most Popular Link Style

2 Baht Thai BAht bar link chain 23k gold 

Pilot's Best friend (Vietnam Ara)

23k gold 22" Bar link Aviator chain
N-1973  Famous "Aviator" 2 Baht Bar link chain made of 96.5% gold. 30.4 grams, 22" Length, 2.9 mm link size..
Price: $2692.00 + Shipping & Insurance. In stock. Ready to ship FedEx

Bigger is Better in a Bar link
23k gold Aviator Bar link thai Baht chain
Thai BAht gold 96.5% 3 Baht chain    23k gold thai Baht handmade bar link chain
N-1972 Famous "Aviator" 3 Baht Bar link chain made of 96.5% gold. 45.58 grams, 22" Length, 3.5 mm link size. Price: $4038.00 + Shipping & Insurance. SOLD (Can be ordered)

The Brilliant Mixed Diamond Cut
Mixed Diamond cut Bar link 23k gold chain 
N-1970 Multi-diamond-cut links, 96.5% gold bar link chain. 2 Baht (30.4 grams) 22" length, 3.1 mm link size. Price: $2692.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
 In stock. Ready to ship FedEx

Mixed DC Beauty
23k gold mixed bar link Thai Baht chain

Thai Baht gold 96.5% mixed link chain  Bar link Diamond cut mixed link 23k gold Thai Baht

N-1969 New Multi-diamond-cut links, 96.5% gold bar link chain. 2 1/2 Baht (37.9 grams) 24" length, 3.2 mm link size. Price: $4038.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
SOLD (Can be ordered)

  rolo 23k gold 
N-1959 Diamond-cut ROLO LINK
grams (1.5 Baht) ,  21.5" Length, 3.3 mm link size, Solid gold link. All Thai Baht 96.5% gold chains are completely made by hand.
$2020.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock & Ready to ship FedEx

96.5% gold 23k Franco and turtle pendant
23k gold turtle pendant

N-1958 1/2 Baht (7.6 grams) Franco 17 1/2" chain and a 1/4 Baht (3.8 grams) Baht Turtle pendant. Both made of 23k gold (96.5%).
What great gift idea!  Price: $1,140.00 for the set! + Shipping & Insurance. Chain & turtle pendant can be sold separately. We can also order the chain in alternate lengths.


N-1956  30.42 grams (2 Baht), 24" Length, 2.7 mm link size, Highly polished "Aviator" Bar link Thai Baht 96.5% gold chain.
Price: $2692.00 + Shipping & Insurance.
In Stock & Ready to ship FedEx

King Kongs Chain in 23k Gold

15 Baht Aviator bar link chain 23k gold
N-1955 This is the largest chain we can make in the Aviator Bar link. 227.95 grams (15 Baht), 26" Length, 6.0 mm link size, 23k (96.5%) gold, highly polished "Aviator" style Bar link chain. Comes with beefy M clasp. This is our largest bar link "Aviator". Takes approx. 2.5 weeks to make.
Price: $20,190.00 + Shipping and Insurance. Must be ordered. Please call for the best price




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