1. Contact us via email (sales@23kgold.com) or by (Skype) telephone (928-202-4532) to confirm current pricing on the specific item. If you prefer you can call us directly in Bangkok on our cell between the hours of 8:00 am - 6:00 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time. From the United States press: (01) 66-877-73-3806

2. We will contact you ASAP with pricing and approximate completion date.

3. You must send contact phone number and specify payment method (PayPal or Bank transfer) If PayPal is used we will need the email address associated with the PayPal account. Shipping address must be a PayPal confirmed address.

4. We confirm receipt of payment and order status

5. We update the customer (usually weekly) on the progress of the order.

6. Upon completion of the item it is picked up from the maker and scheduled for shipping via Federal Express (this can take 1-2 days).

7. Tracking number is sent upon FedEx departure scan.

The total turn-around time is approximately two weeks. Then plan on 4 days for transit time via FedEx.


Why we don't have a shopping cart?


1) We don't use a shopping cart on 23K gold.com because we need to know who is buying our items. Items range from approximately $750.00 to $8000.00 and we must pre-qualify some purchases. There is too much CC fraud to ignore. One bad sale to a fraudulent Credit Card holder would ruin us. So we try to take common sense precautions that have served us well for the past 15 years.

2) The price of gold changes constantly so we need interaction with the customer to confirm the current price. It's more than the gold cost that affects price. The currency exchange rate as far as US Dollar/Thai Baht can significantly affect the per Baht price of our product.

3) When we confirm the price you can easily go to your PayPal account and send the funds (account balance or credit card funds) to our PayPal account at bkk_bonanza@hotmail.com. Upon receipt of the payment we will move quickly to lock in the price of gold for that day.