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US Army 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Casy Korea


Vietnam Veterans of America


"The Investment You Wear" since 1999
Necklaces & Chains Bracelets 18k & 23k Earrings Thai .999 Silver Amulets & Pendants Rings

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23k Gold Chain

Several weights and lengths in stock

Starting at $1180.00 per Baht plus shipping

Thai Baht gold chain 5 Baht

We will pay for any US Customs duty charged for your gold chain purchase!

Email us for most recent price & any questions you have


Direct line: 66-877733806


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Our new BRANDED gift box!

Yo... Whatch out Tiffany!

Baht Gold Brand Gift Box


Don't spend too much time reminiscing about the good old days when gold was only.....

Times are changing...fast. Now is the time to consider a purchase. Price is currently $1,180.00 per Baht (15.16 grams) as of July 23, 2020. 


Heading North Quickly!



  20 Years of Selling Thai Baht Gold On-line from Thailand.
  Completely Handmade 23k Gold Jewelry from the Makers
  Superior Quality Over Gold Shop Mass Produced Goods
  Custom Made for You in the Exact Weight and Length
  We guarantee 96.5% gold purity
  We are Americans so we speak real good English!


July 2020

This is the time that purchasing a Thai Baht chain makes the most sense. You can finally tell your wife that it's an "important investment". And you won't be lyin.

June 2020

Prices continue to climb as economic uncertainty is front and center in the United States of America

For a personal email reply within 24 hours contact me at: pryortuck@hotmail.com




18k White Gold

96.5% Gold Bars

Gold Powers to 9 Year High!

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Through the years of selling Thai "Baht Gold" on the Internet our business has evolved into more customized hand-made jewelry. Our first 1 Baht chain sold on Ebay in 1999 for $175.

 Today our solid 96.5% gold chains sell for over $1200.00 USD per Baht!...And it seems the price of gold will only be going higher in the years ahead! 

Since we are based in Thailand our overhead is relatively low . We are confident that we can offer the most competitive price for Thai Baht gold you will find on the Internet. Please consider us when deciding on your purchase of Thai Baht gold jewelry. 

We appreciate your business,

Tom & Pat Pryor



An Assay is available for a fee from The Gemological Institute of Thailand for any jewelry purchased from us.





Exciting new 99.99% "PIXIU" bracelets NOW available.






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About Us

For over 18 years we have bought and sold Thai Baht gold from Thailand. We specialize in the sourcing of high quality 96.5% (23k) gold, Thai made, Thai Baht gold chains and Thai Baht gold necklaces, Thai Baht 23K gold bracelets, Thai Buddha Amulets with 18K gold frames, 18k gold earrings and Thai 96.5% gold clasps.  


This is not a click and buy website so you won't find a shopping cart. Purchases are usually initiated with an email where you can describe the item you're interested in and we can get back to you with the current availability & price to include labor. In case you don't know, the price of a Baht Gold chain is updated several times a day. Once we quote a price for the gold chain or bracelet you want, we hold this price for you for a maximum of 24 hours. Once the actual funds are sent via PayPal or Bank transfer and we have access to the funds, we immediately purchase the physical gold required for making the item. If the price of gold then increases while the item is being made we have the physical gold to protect our price quote. More on this subject can be found on our "Ordering" page. 



Thai Baht 23K gold Bars

Above photo: two 1-Baht bars and one 5-Baht bar

In Thailand Thai "Baht" gold chains are still made by hand. Talented Thai craftsmen work the almost pure gold into amazing designs acclaimed by the world as some of the finest gold jewelry available in the world today.

The Thai Baht gold available from 23kgold.com is considered traditional Thai style. Each chain is made of gold that is of 96.5% purity (a little over 23K). Thai gold is weighed by "Baht" weight. One Baht equals 15.16 grams or about 1/2 of a Troy ounce. When a Thai Baht gold chain, Thai Baht gold bracelet or gold clasp is purchased in Thailand, the buyer is purchasing the item by the Baht weight at the price of gold on that day, plus the labor cost to make the jewelry.

You can easily calculate the value of a Baht gold chain by comparing the price of a lower karat gold necklace at your local shopping mall. Most gold necklaces sold in the United Sates for example are machine made and of 10K gold (41% gold purity) or at the most 14K (58% gold purity). One can quickly see the true value of the hand-made Thai Baht gold chain necklace in terms of cost per gram of almost pure gold. Remember, in order for the chain or bracelet to be considered "Baht Gold" it must assay to be over 95% pure gold


The price of Thai Baht gold fluctuates just like the international spot price of gold. The price of gold is reported to the gold shops in Bangkok several times a day. The term "Baht" is also the name of the currency in Thailand so there is always some confusion regarding this. 

In addition to the cost of the gold, you must also pay for  the labor. The labor cost can vary depending on the design of the piece. Many goldsmiths these days will only make a design that is at least a 2-Baht in weight. Some goldsmiths will make a design as light as 1/4 Baht (3.79 grams) but they charge a substantial premium to make it. That's why the price per gram of a 1/4 Baht or 1/2 Baht chain is always higher than a heavier chain. 

Cost is also affected by the exchange rate of the currency used to buy the gold.


  We ship only by Federal Express Globel Priority. Insurance is provided by UPS-C





Pat & Tom 2001 (Married for 1 Year)



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