SUKHOTHAI .999% Silver Jewelry from Thailand


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Direct from Sukhothai, Thailand



Sukhothai 99.9% silver and 99.99% gold jewelry dates back to the beginning of the Siam Empire (now known as Thailand) in the 12th century when the capital of Siam was the city of Sukhothai. 

This quality of workmanship and metal purity was reserved for royalty and not made or ever worn by the common man of that era. Only the best silversmiths & goldsmiths in the kingdom performed this painstaking work of incredible detail and beauty.

The detail today is still extraordinary and is nothing less than wearable fine art. Each bead is made by hand. Every solid-core wire is hand pulled and formed by hand and ultimately being meticulously woven by hand into these fine silver pieces. 





SB104 25.6 grams


SB105 21.5 grams


SB103 21.5 grams



SB106 23.8 grams


SB107 13.8 grams


SB108 11.8 grams


SB102 21.1 grams


SB101 15.5 grams


SB109 26.2 grams




SN101 40.9 grams



SN102 43.1 grams


SN103 38.3 grams