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Sukhothai 99.99% Gold jewelry dates back to the beginning of the Siam Empire in the 12 century when the capital of Siam (now known as Thailand) was the city of Sukhothai. 

This quality and gold purity was reserved for royalty and not made or ever worn by the common man of that era. Only the best goldsmiths in the kingdom performed this painstaking work of incredible beauty.

The detail is truly breathtaking and is nothing less than wearable fine art. Each bead is made by hand. Every gold wire is hand pulled and annealed by hand and ultimately being meticulously woven by hand into these fine braided rope necklaces. 



How to calculate pricing for Sukhothai jewelry: 

Due to the 99.99% purity "Sukhothai" gold cost more per gram or per "Baht" (1 Baht = 15.16 grams) than the normal Thai Baht gold in which the purity is 96.5%. Curently the price for Sukhothai gold is $1000.00 per Baht or $65.78 per gram. This is compared to $890.00 per Baht for 96.5% gold. Labor cost is the main factor for the higher price. 

If you were interested in purchasing the bracelet only in the photo below the weight in grams is 47.42 X $ (current gram price) = $3119.28 Total Price. The total Baht weight of the bracelet is 3.12.


E.034   $838.00 B.133   $2830.00 N.180   $4940.00




B.099   $3384 B.100   $3630 B.101   $4512


B.106   $3629

N.153   $4512







N.092    as shown above        

152 grams 99.99% gold. Price: $10200.00 USD

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