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Our customer comments about our product are critical to our success. Without their input we would not have been able to grow our business and offer the expertise that we now have acquired relevant to the high karat gold jewelry industry in Thailand. 

I hope that the following testimonials from our customers will convey the spirit in which we do business. Many customers have purchased from us multiple times through the past 17 years. 

We recently, (last 10 years!), began adding photos of the item purchased along with the customer comments to provide full details of the item as well as their buying experience with us. And then there are those rare times when a customer will send a personal photo of them wearing the jewelry. We celebrate this when it happens because we are all about the PEOPLE we have met along the way on this very long journey of introducing so many people to Thai Baht gold.

Thank you,

Tom and Pat Pryor








23k gold Thai Bar link bracelet


7 1/8", 3 Baht (45.8 grams) 23k gold, Bar link "Aviator" style, 96.5% gold bracelet



January 29, 2020

Hey Tom,
     At work right now. I got the bracelet. It looks great and it fits how you described. Just enough wiggle room. I am thinking about getting a necklace once the gold prices drop a little.
     Thanks brother.

William H.






24", 3 Baht (45.64 grams) Anchor link "Endless" style, 96.5% gold chain, 3.3 mm link width


May 29, 2020

You want to order your chain from Tom Pryor at because he offers an unique value proposition:

In most all cases your individual purchase will be custom made for you by a legacy Thai goldsmith who Tom has previous experience working with, and is known to be an expert of crafting the specific style of link you want. 
Tom is then able to inspect the chain or bracelet upon completion to make sure it meets your specifications and standards.
You probably already know from watching his YouTube videos, but Tom has a keen eye for a proper finish. High polish finish and attention to detail at this final stage is crucial in the presentation of the final product. 
Having Tom able to navigate his contacts at the gold shops in Bangkok and see this process through to completion means you are going to have the highest level of assurance that you are getting what you want, and the highest quality craftsmanship available.
There are very few people in the world who have the knowledge and the social network on the ground in Thailand to be able to offer a service like Tom. 
If you are considering ordering 23k Thai Baht jewelry from any source, I highly recommend you watch Tomís youtube videos and send Tom an email. 
Communication was great throughout the process and the entire turnaround time including shipping was very reasonable.
I went with the solid anchor link. Typically The "M" clasps are a unique feature of Thai gold, but I opted to go with a 24" endless design, no clasp. Tom was able to see to it that my request of still having the piece marked for 96.5 purity was possible, and he made it happen
Good lord, the finish on this chain when it arrived was incredible. Pictures don't do it justice.
If you have seen the solid anchor link in his videos, right after they are finished, they are "stiff" because he links are so thick and tight. They loosen up over 2-3 weeks.
Tom is the real deal. Watch his YouTube videos and Send him an email and let him know what you're looking for. 





15 Baht Thai Gold Chain


23", 15 Baht (227.40 grams) Link size: 6.9 mm " Aviator" Diamond-cut style Bar Link 96.5% gold chain


October 13, 2019

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thomas Thomas Thomas aka 'Goldfinger'!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I attempt to collect my thoughts and select the words to articulate my unwavering gratitude, I find my peepers welling up. First things first though, 'PryorTuck'? I just caught that!! Only took...what 19 emails? Lol You are a punny fellow. I think it's a old to Siri it.

Anyway, let's do the dance: YOUR CRAFTSMANSHIP IS MONUMENTAL...scary evennn!!!!

'MegaBaht' arrived today 27 Dec at 08:30 EST. Very well packed! Three boxes...kinda reminded me of those Russian dolls. Kudos on the packing. Looks like your packer has useful OCD.

As I looked in the final box, initially I thought I'd been duped. Cause it had substantial weight like you just picked up a large stone from behind your shop and sent that. To my eyes beheld an incredibly polished 25-inch golden links X diamond cut chain with a mutant clasp that would choke a python.

I took it for a test drive today, had numerous tasks on the front burner. To no surprise, I ran late due to the tsunami of questions from folks that followed me around (no kidding)! Finally, I went to my bank to deposit two dollars and the branch manager found some fake reason to approach me. 25 years and you send me this 'eye candy' and folks are losing their minds. I'm not kidding Goldfinger, you really do have scary skills. Wearing this golden python around my neck has changed my life. And this is only day one.

Mega-Baht is HYPNOTIC, BREATHTAKING and oh so gorgificous!!! One little philly (girl) said it gave her chills, just looking at it. And she was wearing some top-shelf 'ice' too, unfortunately, some of said ice was on her left hand. Lol

Goldfinger, you must hear adjectives like these often, but I have to make sure you 'understandify' (George Bush the son). Mega-Baht's quality is off-the-charts, you customer-first mindset is EPIC!!
You didn't lose patience with me as I made numerous changes. You showed me fiduciary actions (put me first your bottom line second). Do you have any idea how rare/rediculous that is these days??! This reassured me you were/are THE consummate professional. This picture has me all dark circled around the eyes (your fault) I stayed up all night looking out into the darkness waiting for my golden 'giddy-up' to arrive. Not really your fault, just excited. Single malt scotch didn't help either.

The shipment process and all the docs required and the way you 'mother-henned it, was extremely reassuring. All I had to do was sit back, sip 'the' scotch, fill out a few lines on a shipment doc and as Emeril Lagasse says, 'BAM'! MegaBaht arrived. It was that simple. Are you kidding me?!?!!?

What's even more amazing. You shipped it 'the hard way'. Right smack in the middle of Christmas. Talk about showing off. I was expecting it around the second week of Jan 2020.
Through the holiday you led all communications and never faltered in keeping me in the loop. Your commitment to easing my mind with this substantial international purchase was (ludicrous) is that a word or a rap song? Lol, you were awe-inspiring!!!!

I can't wait for you to get started on the matching bracelet. Are you sure 5 baht is the largest you can produce? I would love the bracelet to be as thick as the Mega-Baht if not thicker...

By the way, I took a picture with a small (tiny now) 3 Baht chain with a dragon medallion. I'd like us to chat about a pinky ring with the same dragon, but also able to choke said python.

PS: Sorry about close grill is old/cracked but I had to get a quality picture of your KING KONG CRAFTMANSHIP!!!!!! You have me a loyal customer for life. Here's to smooth/clear skies ahead as we forge forward with my upcoming golden candy projects.

Isaiah in Ohio...Out for now!!





Anchor Link Chain

2 Baht 23k gold Anchor Link Chain

26 1/4", 2 Baht (30.32 grams), Link size: 2.5 mm, 23k Gold 96.5% Anchor Link (Solid Core) Chain


February 14, 2020

Wow!! Super great. No apologies needed Mr. Pryor. I believe he might have gotten a bit upset because just when he's about finished I make a change. At any rate, thank you so very much and hope to do more purchases from you in the future.


Roberto V.




23k gold Rolo Thai Baht gold bracelet

8 1/2", 2 Baht (30.32 grams), 96.5% solid core Rolo Bracelet, 7.0 mm link Diameter


August 2, 2019


Absolutely beautiful.  Both fits are perfect.  Thank you.  As mentioned, a necklace will be next.  The gold weight is something I'm not use to in the states.
They feel so "rich" lol.
Kevin W














































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