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Our Email (unsolicited) Testimonials

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Entries on this page dates from September 2017 to Present

Our customer comments about our product are critical to our success. Without their input we would not have been able to grow our business and offer the expertise that we now have acquired relevant to the high karat gold jewelry industry in Thailand. 

I hope that the following testimonials from our customers will convey the spirit in which we do business. Many customers have purchased from us multiple times through the past 17 years. 

We recently, (last 10 years!), began adding photos of the item purchased along with the customer comments to provide full details of the item as well as their buying experience with us. And then there are those rare times when a customer will send a personal photo of them wearing the jewelry. We celebrate this when it happens because we are all about the PEOPLE we have met along the way on this very long journey of introducing so many people to Thai Baht gold.


Thank you,

Tom and Pat Pryor


All jewelry purchases are 23k gold (96.5% gold purity) unless otherwise noted





















Ron in the Thai countryside as a medic 1972

22", 8 Baht (123.3 grams) Link size: 5 mm, 96.5% Bar link "Aviator" style 96.5% gold chain



September 21, 2019

I have been shopping around for an Aviator Bar link Chain for several months and the 23Gold web site seemed believable. It was definitely a leap of faith to order from a strange man living half way around the world. However, my fears were put to rest as you are not only efficient but trustworthy. The chain I ordered had significant meaning to me as I spent a year in Thailand during the Vietnam war. The chain is beautiful or as we said in Thailand “This chain is sway mak for number one GI”. Thanks Tom for making it all happen. You are one of the few who not only talk service but actually deliver. I will be back!

Feel free to use as much or as little of this review as you like Tom

Ron W

Spokane, WA





16", 3 Baht (45.53 grams) Link size: 5.5 mm " Aviator" Diamond-cut style 96.5% gold chain


October 13, 2019

Carolyn with her 16” necklace. Very nice. Just what we wanted. Ordered and delivered as expected with no problems. Great value compared to chains in US stores.

Ron D

North Port, FL



24", 3 Baht (45.53 grams) Link size: 3 mm, 96.5% Franco (Solid Core) style 96.5% gold chain


October 13, 2019

Thank you very much Tom the chain is absolutely gorgeous. I've always wanted a good solid gold chain, and this is it. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.


Niland, CA



26", 3 Baht (45.48 grams), 96.5% solid core Oval link



Aloha Tom, 
I've been showing off my new necklace at the beach. I'm really impressed with the design and craftsmanship. It's nice to be able to just slip it on and off my head, rather than always separating the clasp. I really appreciate the time you took answering all my questions and educating me about Thai baht gold. I'm looking forward to future purchases... maybe a tiger pendant. I really love the Vietnam era bar  design also!

Mahalo nui loa,

Johnny I

Ewa Beach, HI





22", 10 Baht (151.6 grams) Link size: 5.5 mm, 96.5% "Aviator style" gold bar link 96.5% gold chain


June 3, 2019

Outstanding Work!!! Looks absolutely fabulous.

Thank you Sir.

Bernie K





24", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) 96.5% gold bar link link 96.5% gold chain with solid gold 15.16 gram bar and custom bezel.


April 26, 2019


Whoo Hoooo!!  Tom, I received my order!!  Beautiful!!  Awesome doin business with you!!  I may want to pick up some gold bars, till I save some money.

Thank You Very Much!!  Mahalos!!
Cory Y




20", 1 Baht (15.16 grams) 96.5% gold barrel link 96.5% gold chain


April 11, 2019


FedEx just delivered the shipment.
The chain is fantastic. It is beautiful and I could not be happier.

Thanks for your input on the selection and for expediting the piece in a timely and safe manner.

All the best

Morley G






22", 8 Baht (121 grams) 96.5% gold Anchor link chain with 1/2 Baht Christian cross


April 9, 2019


Absolutely stunning.  I am truly impressed and that’s not easy to do with me!  Can’t wait to have it loosen up and become supple.
Looking forward to meeting with you and Pat.  A very sincere Thank You!!!
Very excited about future possibilities!


Warmest wishes,
Jim B



26 1/2", 15 Baht (228 grams) 96.5% gold Link size: 6.7 mm,"Aviator style" bar link with single X diamond cut, 6.7 mm Link Diameter


February 11, 2019

Tom, thank you once again. I honestly never dealt with a better seller then you ever before. The way you take care of your customer is really an experience. Everything very uncomplicated every question was answered. The chain looks even better then imagined. Beautiful work to the detail. Thanks for this masterpiece. 


Mark S.




24", 2 1/2 Baht (37.9 grams) Aviator style bar link with twin xx diamond cuts.


March 15, 2019

Thank you very much Tom. Yes I saw the stamp. 

The chain is very gorgeous. I plan on ordering more 
in the future. Definitely a lifelong customer.

Thank you,




27", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) Highly polished "Aviator" style bar link 96.5% gold chain. Link diameter is 3.2 mm.


December 30, 2018

I give this buying experience an A+++ rating. Tom was very helpful and patient with my plethora of question. He even suggested I different amount of Baht to make sure the chain would be *beefy" enough for the length I requested. The chain came out beyond my expectation! I ordered my chain during a busy holiday season and it still arrived on time and the communication thought the process was top notch. Thanks again for an amazing chain. 


Andrew S.




 21", 2.5 Baht (actual weight is 37.99 grams), short barrel link 96.5% gold chain. Link diameter is 3.5 mm.


December 28, 2018



Got the chain today and wow…..just beautiful; just the right length and weight. I have it on and will likely only take it off for medical testing!

Can you give me a price for a one baht bracelet / chain for Jeanie. Do they come with a lobster clasp?

My daughter Jodi was also stationed at Camp Casey. She saw more of the world in her 22 years that I did in 20……Korea, Europe, Desert Storm, Pentagon


Take care……Happy New Year

John G.






24", 2 Baht (30.32 grams) XX diamond cut bar link 96.5% gold chain. Link diameter is 3.1 mm


December 14, 2018

Dear Thomas 

I have just received the 2 baht 24 inch XX diamond chain right now , I opened the box and never saw anything so beautiful the workmanship is flawless and perfect . This is the best gold chain ever, I couldn’t ask for anything so perfect .Thank you Thomas for everything. Will be buying another chain in the near future. 
                                         Thank you, Xay K.




Somewhere on a DOD ship in the Pacific Ocean


 1st purchase: 24", 3 Baht (45.48 grams) Solid Core 96.5% gold  Anchor Chain with 1/4 Baht Pendant.

2nd purchase: 27", 3 Baht (45.57 grams actual) XX DC Bar link 96.5% gold chain. with 1/2 Baht Pendant.


October 3, 2018


Thank you . It was a pleasure doing business with you. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future. Your 100% genuine to word and product.  Thanks again.

William M.

December 31, 2018


Good afternoon Thomas. 

Just wanted to touch base with you.  I received my package today.  Wow what amazing jewelry,  i still can't get over how the double XX chain turned out.  The  Attention to detail is out of this world . And pendant is a nice add on to chain . My wife loves her multi link  chain as well. 
Once again you out did your self.
Thanks again. 

William M.




26", 15 Baht (227.98 grams) Highly polished "Aviator" style bar link 96.5% gold chain. Link diameter is 6.2 mm. Clasp weighed 15 gr.


November 29, 2018




I received the chain today and I must say that I'm extremely pleased! I've been looking for this particular chain for some time. Thanks again for your help especially walking me thru the process.

Kevin S.




24" "Endless" 7 Baht (106.4 grams) Anchor link chain solid 96.5% gold links 5.0 mm


November 11, 2018


I received the chain yesterday.  It is stunning.   I’m so glad we didn’t go with the bracelet.  This is much, much better.   I thank you for all you hard work and enthusiasm.  You have made this a pleasure for me, and a great Christmas present.   Happy Thanksgiving and take care.

I will send a selfie today with the chain.  Look forward to doing more business with you soon.  

Christopher P.




23", 5 baht (75.8 grams) High Polished, "Aviator" style bar link 96.5% gold chain. The link diameter is 4.2 mm.


November 2, 2018

Hi Tom,
I received the chain yesterday. it is an awesome exquisitely crafted piece of jewelry. Thanks for staying in contact -  it was very reassuring. Ordering online from a foreign company was extremely nerve wracking. Thanks again !!!!

Jonathan W.



Tom; you brought the combination together.  Many thanks, and I’ll keep you in mind for all future purchases.

Terry C.

U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired



"The Fighter Pilots Friend"

 30", 5 Baht (76 grams) highly polished "Aviator" long barrel link Chain, L Diameter: 4.2 mm


September 05, 2018

Hello Tom:


I want to begin by thanking you for my new, most beautiful, 5 baht, 30” barrel link Thai Baht Chain.  Having lived in Northern Thailand (Udorn RTAFB) during the Vietnam War, I was and remain very familiar with the quality, workmanship and beauty of baht chains from Thailand.


Perhaps unlike many of your customers, I want to write this letter from a business perspective.  I’ll not belabor the beauty of my baht chain, having done so in the above paragraph.  Rather, I want to share with you, and perhaps your future customers, my concern with dealing with an unknown, overseas supplier, thru the internet.


I had been hesitant to place an order, even thru PayPal, with you.  We had no previous relationship; we shared only emails; I had only your web site, your emails and YouTube videos to help allay my hesitancy. 


However, before placing my order, I completed due diligence using these, and other sources of information available to me.  As a direct result of my due diligence, I decided to move forward and placed the order for my baht chain with you.


From my perspective, I risked (1) losing my money entirely although I felt I might have some recourse thru PayPal; (2) receiving a chain that was not what I expected; (3) receiving a chain that was ‘gold plated’; or, (4) receiving a chain that was 12 or 14 karat gold.  To address these, and other concerns, I had the chain appraised by a gold appraiser.


Today, I received an appraisal from an independent, certified third party jewelry/gold appraiser who has over 50 years experience in appraising jewelry, and in particular Thai gold jewelry.  


Was I ever surprised with his findings!


His findings and conclusions are:


1. The chain I ordered was appraised at nearly 24-karat pure gold, slightly exceeding the 23-karat gold I ordered;

2. The chain weighed slightly more than the 76 grams I ordered;

3. The chain measured 30" as ordered;

4. The workmanship in the chain was reflective of the superb workmanship of Thai jewelers and goldsmiths thus adding significant value to the chain’s material content; and,

5. The chain was appraised at a value significantly greater than the price I paid.


After receiving the appraisal, I do not know the words to describe my feelings of confidence in you. Your honesty throughout this process manifested by delivering a product that exceeded specifications, to an unknown overseas buyer, can not be overstated.  Your responsiveness to my numerous questions and emails is commendable and only contributed to my confidence in working with you. 


I have had the pleasure of working with you on this order and am all ready planning future orders with you, Tom.  With much appreciation I remain grateful and look forward to working with you again.


Bill K.


Fighting soldiers from the sky...

 28" AVIATOR 8 Baht (121.28 grams) highly polished Bar link chain. Link Diameter: 4.5mm

August 28, 2018

Tom, I give a glowing recommendation to anyone that asks, and you may post this on your web site.  My necklace is beautiful; the pictures cannot do it justice.  I ordered from you quite a few years ago with a satisfactory experience and that is why you were my first choice for this expensive purchase; you are honorable and trustworthy.  The buying experience was trouble free and with your expert assistance, I have received a quality necklace that I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Although Green Berets never retire, I am an old Green Beret that appreciates quality and honesty.  Thank you, Tom. 

U.S. Army Special Forces, Retired


 26", 4 Baht (60.64 grams) highly polished short barrel link chain. Link Diameter: 4.0 mm

                                                           September 04, 2018


Good morning Tom.
I have just taken possession of my chain from the Fedex delivery man and boy am I pleased! 


If I may quote from Ian Flemming :
'This is gold, Mr Bond! All my life I've admired it's colour, it's brilliance, it's divine heaviness! I welcome any enterprise that will increase my stock, which is considerable" ( Not, sadly, in my case).


I could not be more happy with it and it weighs a ton!
Thank you so much for your expertise, helpfulness and courtesy throughout this transaction.


I would strongly recommend anyone in the UK thinking about a purchase from you not to hesitate. You can feel confident dealing with Tom Pryor.
I shall forward a suitable photo in due course but in the meantime, thanks a million.


Best wishes, 
Shane in the UK
PS stay clear of Fort Knox 







 7.25", 2 Baht (30.32 grams) highly polished Bar link bracelet. Link Diameter: 4.5mm

July 2018

Thanks for the wonderful bracelet. It's stunning. Just like the one I owned in 1970 and I will cherish this one just as much. Thanks for everything. All the best,

Darlene M.



20", 4 Baht (60.64 grams) highly polished short barrel link chain. 4.5 mm link diameter.

July 2018

Hi Tom,

The chain arrived this morning and it is beautiful, I love it.

Thanks again,  all your work is wonderful.  Say hi to Pat for

me.  Bye for now,  Phil



24", 2 Baht (30.32 grams) diamond cut X, bar link chain.

July 2018

Thomas, I just got the chain from FedEx a few minutes ago and all I can say is just WOW!!!! This chain is was well worth the wait. Thank you so much for all your help. I will be ordering from you again in the next few days. Keep me in the loop about you animal rescue!!!!

Contact me anytime if you need anything and Thank you for all your help this whole process.

Raymond C.




22", 3 Baht (45.48grams) highly polished short barrel link chain. 3.9 mm link diameter.

June 2018

Aloha Tom, 

Good news, I got the chain today and man is it ever nice.  Thanks much, they really shined it up great and it fits just wonderful with my jade pendant.  
Thanks much for your patience with my ordering and all my questions.  I’ll keep this chain this time and not trade it like I did my previous 3 baht chain. :)  
You take care and see you on FB and You tube.  If I or my wife get the itch again we will give you a shout.  :)
Warmest Aloha, Tim


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